Adventures Downtown

We moved to Los Angeles at the beginning of July. Mr. R’s job provided us with two months of temporary housing, but the apartment wasn’t available until July 5; consequently, we spent the Fourth of July weekend in Santa Monica at the J.W. Marriott–the only hotel in the area that allows dogs over 50 lbs. (Oh, the joys of moving with a Husky.) The morning of the 5th we killed some time at Griffith Park. Then it was finally time to move in.

Our apartment was in the heart of downtown, only a couple of blocks from Mr. R’s office (and a shopping center with a Target!), which made it super convenient and gave us a front row seat to events like Bike L.A. It also had a lovely rooftop garden and pool, which we used almost every day, and was close to several parks.

Most of the summer was spent downtown, but we did venture out to go to the Huntington dog beach with our friend J and to the Tempest Freerunning Academy to meet up with my uncle (who is one of the owners/ founders). We also celebrated our 7 year anniversary at Triple 8 and found the nearest Costcos. The rest of our time was spent house hunting.

Our two months downtown were a lot of fun, but we’re definitely excited to be in our own place!


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