Office/ Guest Room

We have family coming for the holidays, so it’s been a top priority to finish the guest room, which was serving as a storage space for the flooring boxes and our unpacked belongings. After clearing out all the junk, which took a while, we tore out the carpet, installed a new light fixture, replaced the outlets, painted, and laid the floor.

We still need to put in new doors and trim and finish furnishing it–we’re hunting for a desk we like. Eventually, we’ll also build a bookcase with a Murphy bed so the room can function primarily as a home office. But for now at least we have somewhere for our visitors to sleep!

Also, check out the original house plans! How cool is that?


One thought on “Office/ Guest Room

  1. jen bo ben says:

    This looks awesome, I can’t believe how much work you’re putting into the house. I had no idea you had to take out concrete! Way to go you guys! Also, those plans are sooo cool! I love that you framed them. Such a cool idea ❤


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