April Recap

April brought more mountain hikes and beach time. We also got the chance to go to Catalina Island, which was a blast. The rest of the month was pretty typical. Lots of playing and growing. Also, our avocado pits have sprouted in a big way.

February Recap

In February, we finished the fence and stairs connecting the deck to the backyard. We also stained some of the doors and hung some trim. (We did the backsplash in the kitchen back in December, but I don't think I shared a picture, so here's one now.) February is deep into Mr. R's busy season, so we … Continue reading February Recap

January Recap

Well, it's been exactly four months since I last posted. Oops. In an attempt to catch up, I'm just going to group everything into monthly posts. So, without further ado, here's what we did in January. For months I've noticed some intriguing Victorian rooftops from the freeway near our home. I finally went to investigate and was … Continue reading January Recap

Getty Villa

Yesterday we went to the Getty Villa. The villa and gardens were absolutely stunning. The exhibits were incredible too. I was especially struck by the funeral masks and an amazingly creepy painting of the goddess Isis. They even had a kid's room, which Miss R loved. We had a great time. Definitely visit if you get the … Continue reading Getty Villa

December Recap

December has been a blast. A couple of weeks ago we went to Mr. R's holiday party at the Biltmore Hotel downtown, which was gorgeous. After the party, we stopped to watch the ice skaters at Pershing Square. This month we've also been babysitting Luna a lot. Luckily, she and Mika get along pretty well. And … Continue reading December Recap