August and September Projects

In the living room and office, we stained/ sealed more doors and finished patching the walls so we could finally (re)paint. In the kitchen, we hung more backsplash, patched/ painted, finished the window casing and hung blinds, finished the sink (patching holes, sealing, waxing, etc.), finished the trim, repainted the cabinets, and made a drawer … Continue reading August and September Projects


July Projects

In July we finally trimmed in the opening that separates the kitchen and dining room. We also poured cement in front of the fireplace (to match the countertops). And we worked on the interior doors.  

Kitchen Countertops

The countertops are finally done! When we were looking at options this summer, we discovered a new material called Dekton that we liked. Unfortunately, it's really expensive and really heavy. So we decided to make our own countertops out of concrete, using this as our inspiration:   We poured the first countertop in October, and this month … Continue reading Kitchen Countertops